Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mark's Birthday Celebration

I got this idea a few months ago about surprising Mark for his birthday. Mark used to surf a lot when he was younger and we often came to Santa Cruz while we were dating. One time we came here and I spent so much time watching and trying to get a movie of him surfing that I blistered the right side of my face. We also spent a lot of time on the beach by the board walk. I use to admire the Dream Inn as a youth thinking it would be a fun place to stay.
A few years ago it had been a long time since we had a little break so I booked a room at the Coast Hotel and Mark, Kristin, Sarah and I really enjoyed our stay. I remember that Mark told me that it was a rejuvenating place for him to come. Then it was called the Coast Hotel but it has since changed back to the "Dream Inn" as we new it back in the day. You can see the board walk, the pier, the beautiful Monterey Bay from the hotel.
So I started formulating my plan. I booked a room the weekend of his birthday but I didn't tell him. Alex (our chiropractic assistant) and I crossed off two days in his schedule so no patients would be booked. The week finally arrived and I got a sub for my Seminary class for Friday. Wednesday I started packing. I just got back from visiting Kristin and Sarah in Utah so my suitcase was still in the bedroom. I secretly started to fill it again with our clothes for the trip. Wednesday night while Mark was at church meetings I loaded the suitcase in the car. Thursday morning before Seminary I loaded a few things. (Mark doesn't get up that early.) Then when I got back from Seminary I suggested that we drive to the office together since I said I wanted to come home the same time he did. I told him that I would even chauffeur him to work since it was his birthday. I was relieved when he didn't seem to notice the suitcases in the back of the car. As we drove to work I went right past the office. Mark said, "Hey! You missed the office driveway." I told him I wasn't thinking but I kept going. As I passed the possible other routes to the office I could tell he was getting frustrated. He said, "Wow! You are really taking the long way. I finally told him we weren't going to work until Monday. He said, "I have things to do." I said, "Like what?" He responded, "Like mow the lawn." I told him the lawn would still be there when we got home. He asked about helping a friend move that day and I told him I had ask one of his counselors to help get people to help. He asked about his patients and I told him they had all been scheduled for Monday. He finally relaxed and started to get use to the idea. We had a nice drive to Santa Cruz. When we arrived it was sunny but a little chilly. They had had a lot of rain in the past few days so we felt grateful that it had stopped and we could enjoy the sun. Friday it was overcast but we walked along the pier and the beach. We did a little sight seeing but best of all we rested a bit! Today it is absolutely beautiful. It is sunny already and no clouds threatening to block the sun. It is going to be a glorious day to take in some ultra violet light!


tyler and emily said...

What a great idea! And very well planned out. Happy Birthday, Uncle Mark!

Fawn said...

Wow Kim. that was so great! I want someone to take me away! Now that's the way to celebrate birthdays. Hope you are surviving seminary.